#day 9

Day 9: on the go and on track

Day 9

don’t let life sabotage you and become your excuse.

don’t let your 30 day cleanse keep you from living life and don’t let life keep you from sticking to the plan and reaching your goals.

day 9 was a busy day that ended with some play time on the boat with friends.  it started off with a shake on the fly as i ran out the door to teach a yoga class. my boy scout game was strong and i left the house fully prepared to shake it up for lunch on the road after a doctor appointment. a friday evening outing on the boat that included some spirited beverages for my boat mates didn’t throw me into a tailspin either.  i just took along  my oh so healthy, naturally and ever so slightly fermented kombucha.  it’s truly a lifesaver.

life’s gonna happen, but don’t just let it happen TO you. plan ahead and make the best choices you can within the context of whatever is going on.

my son’s birthday is today,  the 4th is on monday and my anniversary follows a dozen days later.  so remember my day 1 post when i told you there is never going to be a perfect time to get started?  there’s always going to be an excuse if you’re looking for one.  but if you’re truly ready and truly committed to making a change, it can be done and life doesn’t have to stop.

early breakfast:  quick morning shake in the shaker cup….2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean, 1 scoop of *Ionix Supreme (my favorite adaptogen drink i won’t go a day without), and a scoop of orange AMPED Hydrate (a few extra electrolytes after my 2 day deep cleanse)

*read about adaptogens here.  you’ll want to get you some for sure.

early lunch:  shake on the go.  a packet of Vanilla IsaLean Pro with some IsaFruits

early afternoon snack:  larabar

late afternoon snack:  small apple and tbsp peanutbutter

dinner:  snacky dinner on the boat.  lots of veggies, some olives, cheese, gf crackers and a couple of other delicious dips that i tried not to go overboard with, and of course my kombucha. just a side note…you have to watch for lots of added sugars in store bought kombucha.  they will all have some naturally occurring sugars which are necessary for the fermentation process, but take a peak at the label and see if they add significantly more before you buy.  they’re not all created equally.

FullSizeRender (13)

you’ll notice i had to juggle my shakes and snacks around a bit today, but that’s ok.  healthy snacking is an important part of this, so don’t skip them.

peace out everyone.  see you tomorrow.