day 8

Day 8: much ado about toxins

day 8

there has never been a generation exposed to as many toxic chemicals as we are.  i don’t care how diligent you are to avoid them, how much organic food you eat, you are toxic.  if you exist and breathe in this world, your body is carrying around a toxic burden that it was never meant to bear.  our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made….a true miracle.  they were designed to eliminate naturally occurring toxins safely. but they weren’t created to deal with dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides…just to name a few.

like i said, our bodies are a miracle so they adapt.  one of the self preservation measures our bodies put into place is to trap these unrecognizable chemicals into fat cells to keep them from running amok and wreaking complete havoc.  that doesn’t keep them from affecting us entirely though.

 if we’re storing excess toxins in our fat cells, what do you think happens if we don’t get rid of them and keep adding to them?  yep, you guessed it…those fat cells grow larger to accommodate the toxins and our jeans get smaller.  this is why so many people who eat healthy and exercise still struggle with fat loss.  and don’t be deceived thin/fit people, you are most likely accumulating this toxic fat around your organs and this is super dangerous.

the toxic burden we carry around affects so many other things that we have just accepted as the status quo…the norm for growing older.  it affects our quality of sleep, our mood, our mental clarity, our energy levels, our libido, our overall well being. and these toxins?  they cause inflammation and disease. i  know we can’t control everything, but why in the world wouldn’t we take the bull by the horns where we can and fight for this one life, this one body we’ve been given?

when we do nutritionally supported deep cleanse days and allow our cells the chance to rejuvenate, our bodies also have a chance to focus on breaking down those fat soluble toxins so they can be flushed out.  unfortunately, this isn’t once and done, because i don’t expect our exposure to toxins to be eliminated anytime in the near future. the process of nourishing and cleansing must become a lifestyle.

so…knowing what i know and having experienced my own personal mental, physical, emotional and yes, even spiritual breakthroughs with this process, i will continue to fight the good fight against these nasty boys.   day 8 is in the books and it looked pretty identical to yesterday.  very much looking forward to my shake in the morning.

i’ll leave you with this groovy article from Dr. Michael Colgan .  see you tomorrow.