day 28

30 Day Cleanse Wrap Up: a few FAQs

Days 28-30

just a few nuggets to answer some common questions/concerns before we wrap this thing up.

is this a gimmick? no, nothing tricky going on here. no magic pills, liquid potions or wraps.

quick fix? nope. see above

magic? if you consider brilliant, cutting edge nutritional science magic, then yep!

easy? it requires change…..a change in habits and a change of mindset and you have to be ready.

simple? absolutely!

do i just drink shakes? goodness no!  you’ve been paying attention, right? there’s plenty of good food to be consumed while you’re cleansing your system of harmful inflammation and toxins.

is it expensive? nope, less than the groceries you buy now. you’re replacing, not adding to.

what if i hate it? not likely…unless you’re just not ready.  send it back for a full refund. literally, no questions asked, no hassle.

do i have to do it forever? nope, but you’ll probably want to.

is it one of those pyramid things? seriously? do you think i’d fall for that?  it’s direct sales, offered at wholesale prices with free coaching if ordered through an associate who has experience and training with the program.

do i have to sell this? where on earth did you get that idea? you might accidentally start sharing what it’s done for you though which could result in extra $$ in your wallet.

can’t i just eat healthy? you can….and you should…. after you clean your engine so it works efficiently.right now it’s clogged with junk. flush that stuff out and your life will literally transform. and since we will always be dealing with toxins,  and nutrient deficient food, you’ll want to continue with daily shakes and regular cleansing.

if you have any more questions or concerns, send them my way and let’s chat about them.  so let’s just get on with it and wrap up these last 3 days.  finished strong.

day 28

breakfast:  1/2 and 1/2 Orange Cream and Vanilla IsaLean Shake with Ionix Supreme.

snack:  plain greek yogurt mixed with Orange AMPED Hydrate, Ionix Supreme and a 1/2 sliced banana

lunch:  1/2 and 1/2 Strawberry and Vanilla IsaLean Shake

snack:  crisp flatbread with hummus, olive spread, tomatoes and basil


dinner:  grilled portabella, roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower/potato mash with mushroom gravy.

day 29

breakfast: Chocolate IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits

snack:  a gorgeous green fresh detox juice

lunch:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with Isagenix Greens

snack:  vanilla greek yogurt with pepita seeds

dinner:  leftovers…same as last night…no less delicious second time around.


day 30

(day 30 was not a strict shake day due to some timing, but still a good clean wrap up)

breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits

lunch:  Panera green goddess salad w/o chicken

dinner:  fish tacos with cilantro lime cabbage, black beans and rice

friends….i cannot thank you enough for following along and checking this out.  maybe it’s for you….maybe it’s not, but now you have a clear picture of how it can work and you can make an informed choice for yourself.  i’ll post one more time this weekend and give you some final thoughts.  you guys rock.  thanks a million for hanging with me for 30 days.