day 27

Day 27: winding down

day 27

i’ve just about exhausted everything i wanted to share with you, which i guess is cool since i’ve only got a few days left.   you see how easy it flexible it is…how portable it is…how forgiving it is… so i think the only thing for you to do is give it a whirl for yourself and see if it’s the solution to whatever hurdle you haven’t quite been able to get over…whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, energy, improved athletic performance, aging a little more gracefully, or just better health….which is no small thing at all.  you seriously have nothing to lose…that’s where i finally landed after i resisted for about 6 months.  i witnessed people i trusted experiencing ridiculous improvements in the very areas i was struggling the most in spite of the fact that i was already eating super clean and working out.  of course….it’s up to you where you decide to land. but i’ll be here when you’re ready.  as a matter of fact, we have a whole team of shake drinkers just like me who have literally had their lives changed who are ready to support you, too.  we’re not going anywhere.

breakfast:   1/2 and 1/2 Chocolate and Strawberry IsaLean Shake blended with about 1/2 small banana, ice and water. can you say banana split? mmmm.

snack:  a detox smoothie with greens, lemon and ginger

lunch:  Orange Cream Shake

snack:  raw veggies, hummus and a few bites of cheddar cheese

dinner:  fried egg (from my favorite neighborhood egg lady) on a toasted sprouted grain english muffin, with avocado, tomato and green chili sauce.  omg……talk about comfort food.


i’m already 1/2 way through day 28, so i’ll fill you in tomorrow.   have a great night.