day 26

Day 26: beyond 30 days

Day 26

what happens after 30 days?

so glad you asked.

obviously you can’t go back to what you were doing before, because clearly that wasn’t working for you.  we refer to the post 30 day phase as maintenance.  maintenance is very flexible and will look different for everyone depending on your goals, lifestyle, product preferences, etc…

everyone’s post 30 day maintenance should include the following though….

*1 shake of choice per day  – this is going to fill in the nutritional gaps where your traditional diet may be lacking and help keep you at your happy weight and feeling your best.

*1-2 servings of  ionix supreme per day – remember?  this is the stuff that’s filled with those wonderful botanicals called adaptogens.  these give you natural energy and help your body cope with environmental, physical and circumstantial stress.

*regular daily cleansing and/or occasional 1-2 deep cleanse days – daily cleansing is simply taking a shot or 2 of cleanse for life each day on an empty stomach. this supplies your body with the extra nutritional support it needs to gently keep your body’s detox systems doing their thing.   regular deep cleanse (intermittent fasting) days give your body a break so it can focus on breaking down toxins, burning fat and cell rejuvenation.

*a healthy, balanced whole food diet – 2 healthy fork/knife meals and a couple of healthy snacks per day

you can also feel free to add back in (in moderation) some of the things you eliminated or drastically reduced during your 30 day cleanse.  again, this will look different for everyone.  maybe it will be an occasional small dessert.  maybe it will be a little wine or other adult beverage of choice.  perhaps a coffee shop treat a couple of times a month. the key to remember is that these should be occasional and not every single day.  perhaps you will want to leave them out forever. consider your weaknesses…what is going to derail you and cause you to slip back into unhealthy habits?  find alternatives.  i can help with that.  there are some things i would suggest your never bring back into your diet.  soda…especially diet soda (avoid artificial sweeteners at all cost).  fast food. highly processed foods. energy drinks and sports drinks with all sorts of artificial ingredients and sugars.  i think you get what i’m saying.

that’s that…. super simple.  with this approach, you will most likely do more than merely maintain. your body is functioning as intended now so don’t be surprised, if even during this flexible maintenance phase, you continue to see progress.

we have so many incredible tools that will make living a healthy, balanced life a complete no brainer, so you’ll probably do more than the minimum i mentioned above. i don’t go a day without my powdered fruits and greens or my low acid coffee.  natural energy shots and our workout line are amazing.  and i’ll admit, i still have 2 shakes a day most of the time.  it’s just too easy.

day 26 was on point for me, so here ya go.

breakfast:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake with Ionix Supreme

snack:  small organic apple and all natural peanut butter

lunch:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  plain greek yogurt with berries

dinner:  shrimp, orzo and spinach seasoned with garlic, lemon, basil and citrus himalayan sea salt. (i love one pot/skillet meals)


okie dokie…see ya tomorrow.