day 25

Days 24-25: weekend recap

days 24-25

weekends, anniversaries, life changes and emotional consumption.

this was another full weekend of finishing up a home improvement project, celebrating our anniversary, helping one child buy a car, working around the work schedule and sickness of another, processing a major life change with another, while still managing to get some beach time in with some friends.  i refuse to be that person who lives 10 minutes from the beach and allows life to keep me away from it for weeks and months at a time. i also knew that the mental clarity and calm that comes from the sand in my toes and the sound of the waves was crucial so we made it happen.

i had moments where i was totally on point with my 30 day cleanse and moments when worry and stress caused me to make some emotional choices.

saturday was great with premeditated intentions of completely enjoying my anniversary dinner, because 28 years doesn’t come easy y’all and it’s worth a little indulging and celebrating.

some emotional build up got the best of me sunday and although my day went well, my evening food/drink consumption was more directed by that and not my 30 day goals and my brain.

5 more days of this 30 day cleanse and my head is on straight to finish strong.

so…without further blather, here’s how the weekend played out.

day 24 – anniversary day

breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake blended with ice, water and berries.

snack:  gf pita chips, raw veggies, hummus and olive dip

lunch:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake

snack:  seed crackers, gouda cheese and veggies

anniversary dinner:  2 glass of cabernet, fries (this restaurant makes the best fries and sauce in place of bread), 1 fried green tomato with crab, tuna steak with quinoa and spinach. i took half of my dinner home. don’t regret a thing…it was decadent and indulgent but i know it was all fresh.


day 25

breakfast:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake with Isagenix Greens

snack:  raw veggies, hummus, olive dip and gf pita chips


lunch:  Oatmeal IsaLean Bar

snack:  leftover tuna from last night’s awesome dinner

dinner:    once again we found ourselves at our local mexican restaurant after the beach.  i ordered well for dinner, grilled shrimp and a side of beans….but i had way too many chips with queso and i had a small (that counts for something, right?) margarita.  i’m certain my lack of resolve was all connected to some emotions that are swirling right now.

there’s really only a small part of me that has regrets.   there were some moments on friday, saturday and sunday when i just have to say, “it is what it is” and know that’s where i needed to be.  i’m sharing the good, the bad, the awesome and the ugly with you because i really want you to see that a 30 day cleanse doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective and promote positive change in your body, your health and your habits. a meal, a day or weekend of questionable choices that don’t necessarily jive with the plan is no reason to quit.  it’s an opportunity to identify where our struggles lie and learn from them. life happens and sometimes we just gotta go with the flow and my flow this weekend had some queso and tequila in it.

peace for your week ahead, friends.