day 23

Day 23: flexibility is the key to everything

day 23

 “flexibility is the key to air power” is a common phrase in our air force circles.  i’ve come to believe it’s a key to success in most things.

switched things up a little bit today.  had to be out the door bright and early to drop my son at bandcamp and then go teach a yoga class.  i grabbed a bar to enjoy on the road.  after yoga, my daughter suggested we hit one of our favorite restaurants for lunch and i just couldn’t resist.  so i enjoyed my big meal at lunch with my girl and had my second shake for dinner.  either works and sometimes it’s good to switch things up a bit.  we were invited to neighbor’s for game night, some fun, junk food and cocktails.  i made sure my afternoon snack was late in the day and  had my dinner shake right before heading down the street.  i did fine avoiding the junk food for most of the night until the midnight munchies hit and i did have a very small slice of veg pizza.  some real life, life altering stuff went down in our family this week and what i needed more than being a stickler to the plan was to do my best, laugh a lot and have a drink with my husband and friends.  i carried my own with me and left it at that.  no overdoing it on any front.   one of the biggest things i hope to impress upon you by sharing my days with you is that you don’t have to have “an all or nothing” mentality to still be “all in”. 

so here was how the day played out.

breakfast: Lemon IsaLean Bar

snack: a kick butt smoothie from the health food store by our yoga studio with greens, ginger and lemon

lunch:  grilled cajun salmon topped with crunchy slaw

snack:  curry quinoa and spinach

dinner:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake (YES!  they arrived just in time for dinner)

orange shake

and like i said….a tiny piece of veg pizza about midnight and i nursed a drink of orange AMPED Hydrate and a splash of rum through the evening.

i hope you all have a super duper weekend and i’ll check in after anniversary day.  28  years….holy cow.