day 22

Day 22: fresh is best

day 22

the late, great Julia Child said, “you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.”


i mentioned in an earlier post how i love my shakes because their dense nutrition fills in the gaps where my traditional diet may be lacking.  now that doesn’t mean that i have free reign to eat a diet of garbage and expect to see and feel great results from throwing in some shakes and doing a few deep cleanse days.  my shakes complement my diet…my diet complements my shakes…the cleanse days bring it all together. so in order for things to fit together and work synergistically to achieve maximum results, i must choose fresh, whole food ingredients whenever possible. and again…there’s a lot of flexibility there. choose the lifestyle that works for you whether it be vegan, vegetarian, pesceterian, flexitarian, gluten free, paleo, omnivorous…just keep it clean.

ready for day 22 recap?

breakfast – Vanilla IsaLean Pro Shake blended with fresh blueberries, Isagenix Greens, water and ice


snack – curry quinoa and spinach

lunch – 2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake shaken with orange AMPED Hydrate

snack – gluten free pita chips with mediterranean dip (yes i’m still eating on that.  i made way too much)

dinner – fresh summer vegetables in a cashew cream sauce over lemony risotto with roasted pine nuts on a bed of spinach. (whew…that was long)…but it was super easy and incredible.


alright my friends.  enjoy your weekend.  have fun, be safe and choose fresh.