day 21

Day 21: the players

day 21

well, i made it. 4 deep cleanse days are in the books and 9 more days until my 30 days is complete.  i seriously feel the grooviest. i figure i should give you the low down on the key players of a deep cleanse day since we’re running out of time.

so here we go…..

*the star of the show is Cleanse for Life.  there’s kind of a misconception here that this drink cleanses your body….it doesn’t, it gives your body what it needs to cleanse itself.  your body knows exactly what to do….this just equips it to do it more efficiently.

aloe vera – soothes the digestive system and increases bioavailability of other nutrients

licorice and turmeric root – supports liver and promotes detoxification

berry blend – supplies potent antioxidants

peppermint –  supports digestive system and soothes g.i. tract

plant adaptogens – help maintain homeostasis and increase body’s resistance to stress

*the next player is Ionix Supreme. this drink is a blend of natural botanicals called adaptogens that help your body deal with all types of stress:  physical stress of exercise or hard labor, environmental stress in the form of toxins and life stress from all sorts of causes. it also gives you a natural boost of energy.  all from plants. all natural. no crap.

*Isagenix Snacks are little wafers to support you during cleanse days. they contain the same pure, balanced ingredients as our shakes and are just enough to curb hunger with minimal impact on digestion during cleanse days.

*IsaDelights (i heard angels singing when i typed that).  these are the of cleanse days for sure. these little bits of chocolate heaven contain green tea extract, amino acids, antioxidants and b vitamins and like the Isagenix Snacks, they’re perfectly balanced to support you on a cleanse day without disrupting the process.

*Natural Accelerator Capsules –  these contain natural thermongenic ingredients such as cayenne, green tea and cocoa seed to help to support thermogenesis and boost metabolism so you can burn fat safely and effectively.  no whacky stimulants here folks.

and finally…..

*IsaFlush Capsules – these are simply a blend of magnesium and gentle cleansing herbs to promote a balanced digestive system and a healthy gut. they contain bentonite clay to absorb toxins and soothing peppermint to keep your belly happy

so that’s it guys.  nothing weird or harsh, no stimulants, no crap. just exactly what your body needs to get rid of the toxic burden that gets placed on it as a result of poor diet and simply existing in today’s world.

along with all those things, you need to drink lots and lots of water.  i shoot for a gallon.  you can also have herbal tea, green tea and low acid black coffee.  we also have these amazing little energy shots that are cleanse day approved.  again, all natural ingredients…nothing to make you jittery.

you can check out all the posts about cleanse days right here.   yay…i get to go have a shake now.  catch you tomorrow.