day 20

Day 20: seriously

day 20

just wrapped up my 3rd deep  cleanse day of the month and headed into my 4th. i haven’t eaten anything since about 7:00 pm monday night….it’s wednesday morning. and i feel amazing…seriously. i’m not half crazed, my mood is generally happy and positive, i have a ridiculous amount of energy which is a good thing, because i have a lot to do today.  my tummy is rumbling, but i’m not starving by any stretch of the imagination.  i’m even going to meal plan and hit the grocery store.  you know how they always tell you not to go to the grocery store when you’re hungry because you’ll buy a bunch of junk food?  well, i always seem to need to grocery shop on deep cleanse days and it actually has the opposite effect on me.  i feel so incredible and my body is so happy, that all i’m drawn to is the good stuff.  i do notice that my self control in the produce section is lacking and sometimes i over buy and we can’t eat it all before it spoils..oops.

this is not hard people.  it’s different from our norm because we’re so used to satisfying every craving, whim or hunger pang, but it’s more than doable. and once you experience the cleanse day high, it will click.  you’ll finally understand what i’ve been shouting from the rooftops these last few years.

i’ll offer a little disclaimer here though.  cleanse days aren’t always this amazing.  sometimes they are challenging.  sometimes the timing is just bad and it doesn’t work.  sometimes your body is dealing with some serious toxic overload and you don’t feel so hot as your body is releasing them.  that’s normal too. but i promise, if you embrace the lifestyle, use the tools, lean into the process and deep cleanse regularly, this is what you can expect…energy, emotional lightness, physical lightness, fatloss, an enormous sense of wellbeing, mental clarity, improved sleep.  seriously.

if you want to check out the nuts and bolts, ins and outs and why of  deep cleanse days, go back to day 7 and day 8  for a refresher.

i’ll check in after day 2 of deep cleansing and day 21 of my 30 day cleanse.  until then, i’m off to tackle wednesday cleanse day. i love it when my cleanse days fall on a wednesday. 🙂