day 14

Day 14: this is soooo hard

Day 14

in this episode, i suffered through with some delicious homemade soup and bread and chocolate.  this is sooooooo hard.

breakfast:  grabbed a Lemon IsaLean Bar on the way out the door to meet a friend.

snack:  boiled egg, raw veggies and a few olives for my salty tooth (is that a thing?  i say it is.)


lunch:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake blended with IsaFruits

snack:  a couple of IsaDelights and peanut butter for my sweet tooth

what are IsaDelights?  OMG! so glad you asked….hang on til after i share dinner.

dinner: creamy vegan roasted vegetable soup, homemade whole grain bread and some berries.

FullSizeRender (16)

 so back to IsaDelights.  these are only the best chocolates EVER.  1 or 2 squares are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, reducing cravings and here’s the best part….they contain green tea extract, antioxidants, amino acids and b vitamins…so you’re actually gonna get a boost of lasting energy, unlike when you eat a candy bar with loads of sugars, artificial ingredients and waxy gunk and end up crashing hard soon after.

and here’s the even better part, you can have these on your cleanse/fasting days. WHAT?!  yep, it’s true.  not the whole box or anything, but 4 of them spaced throughout the day are perfect for seeing you through the belly rumblings.

on to day 15 and the waterpark. have a good one.