day 13

Days 12 & 13 grooves and sleep patterns

Days 12-13

the last couple of days have been quite uneventful. as a matter of fact, i feel like i’ve hit my stride, gotten in a groove and pretty much slip in and out of my days on autopilot, not giving much thought to food… just fixing my shakes, snacks and dinner and enjoying an amazing sense of wellbeing.

for years, i didn’t sleep well at all and when i get super lax about what i eat and drink, i slip back into poor sleep cycles.  this leads to caffeine dependence, low energy, brain fog and daytime fatigue which leads to impatience and moodiness and no inclination to exercise…it’s really just a viscous cycle.  so if i had to pick my most favorite part of a 30 day cleanse….i would choose the healthy, productive sleep that results.   i fell asleep about 10 last night and woke up before my 4:00 am alarm.  if you only knew how uncharacteristic this is….let’s just say, i’m neither a morning person nor a night owl.

so the last 2 days were a breeze.  i was in charge of our small 4th of july dinner on day 12 and on day 13, i was on the go, but just packed my bag with shakes and snacks and water and hit the road. didn’t give it a second thought.  you’d be surprised how quickly this can become your norm. here’s a quick recap of days 12 and 13.

day 12

breakfast: Chocolate IsaLean shake blended with greens

snack:  plain yogurt with IsaFruits, berries and hemp

lunch:  Harvest Berry Dairy Free IsaLean shake blended with frozen strawberries

snack:  lots of raw veggies and hummus

dinner (4th of july):  vegan field roast link, baked beans, saurkraut and raw veggies.


day 13

breakfast: Vanilla IsaLean shake with IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  super greens larabar

lunch:  Chocolate IsaLean Shake with Isagenix Greens

snack:  brown rice cake, hummus and raw veggies

dinner:  baked cod (with spiced up walnut/breadcrumb crust) with roasted veggies


got another busy day ahead and it’s such a load off not to have to think about what’s for breakfast or lunch.  grateful for my shakes. see ya on the flip side.