day 11

Day 11: Cheats, Wagons, Beach Days & Snacks

Day 11

so, i’m not typically a fan of words like “cheat” or phrases like “fell off the wagon” when it comes to eating.  they’re just choices. it’s all about making choices to stay on track and choose what’s best for me nutritionally……or, perhaps NOT for a meal, a day, a weekend, a vacation.

ideally, those choices  will be thought out and planned ahead. but sometimes something will come along and derail you out of the blue and you won’t make the best decision.  it’s not the end of the world.  no need to beat yourself up or throw your hands in the air and call it quits.  simply accept it as something that happened and continue moving forward.

obviously, i’m going to share a story.

so day 11 was a beach day and i thought i was prepared for the whole day.  i had my shake in the morning, i packed some good snacks, plenty of water and my favorite meal replacement bar for my beach lunch.  things were going along pretty smoothly.  after we got home, my husband suggested mexican food for dinner.  no problem, i know how to eat healthy at a mexican restaurant.  just avoid the margaritas and chips, right?  i skipped the margarita, i had some chips, but didn’t gorge myself and i chose some simple rice and grilled shrimp for dinner, managing to avoid tortillas, sauces and excess cheese.  but then, my husband did this very random thing that he never does. he told the boys they could get some fried icecream for dessert.  i made up my mind, not to dip my spoon in that icecream….i really did…until levi decided he didn’t like it and passed his plate across the table to his dad. then it happened.  it’s like all my predetermined choices went out the window and someone else took over my brain and body.  it’s not like i started just shoveling it in or anything, but i did have more than a couple of bites. i  was momentarily disappointed in myself when i regained my wits, but you know what?  it happens. i’m over it.  it’s not the end of the world, it did not undo all the good that i’ve been doing for my body and it’s certainly no reason to chuck it all in and call it a failure.

now before i finish this up, remember, the 30 day cleanse mindset is different from the longterm mindset.  for the long term, making the choice to have a few bites of fried icecream from time to time is perfectly groovy and part of a balanced life, but for our 30 reboot period, it’s not ideal.

alrighty then…day 11 in review.

breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

late snack:  gf crackers, cheese cubes, raw veggies

lunch:  Lemon IsaLean Bar (awesome alternative to a shake when it’s just not convenient to carry a shake along)

snack:  this snack did not happen and i think this is a factor as to why my resolve was low at dinner.  snacks are super important.

dinner:  rice, grilled shrimp, pico de gallo (i ordered 2 shrimp tacos and just dumped the filling onto my rice and skipped the shells)…and you already know the rest of the story. :-/

on the plus side, i did get plenty of water in.  have a happy, healthy independence day.  see you tomorrow.