Day 15: coffffffeeeeee!

Day 15

hit the waterpark with a crew of awesome boys.  the water park can sometimes be a challenge because they don’t allow you to bring outside food into the park and all they have available is junk food.  but i did manage to sneak in an apple and bar that was pretty much a blob of goo by the time i got to it. i think it was about 109* on the heat index.

you’ll notice that i used coffee instead of water in my morning shake.  i knew i’d need an extra hit with 7 boys and the water park on the horizon. but this isn’t just any old coffee, it’s kind of extra special.  you see, the problem with most coffee isn’t the caffeine.  caffeine in reasonable quantities is actually very good for you.  the problem is that most coffee is grown with chemicals,  processed with chemicals, contains harmful molds and toxins and is very acidic. as i mentioned before, chemical toxins wreak havoc on your body and an acidic environment is a breeding ground for disease.  about a year ago, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth by product users and associates who were told they’d need to abstain from coffee, Isagenix did the most brilliant thing.  they formulated and released their very own, low acid coffee, from beans that were grown and processed without chemicals. it’s slow roasted and cool ground in small batches. it’s rigorously tested for molds, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.  they also gave it a little extra something to enhance the flavor and reduce acidity by infusing it with green tea extract, trace minerals and coconut oil (if you don’t know the many benefits of coconut oil, get out from under your rock and google it….then go get you some). just like our shakes…our coffee is the bomb diggety!  combine the two and it’s magical.

breakfast:  8 0z cold Isagenix Coffee blended with 2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake and a hearty dash of cinnamon, blended.

snack:  apple

lunch:  Lemon IsaLean Bar (i did snag a few fries from my kids at the water park, seriously….just a few…blech….they weren’t even good)

snack:  baked sweet potato crackers, raw veggies and hummus

dinner:  was craving something light after a day in the sun so i settled on an ultra simple dinner salad of mixed greens, boiled egg, carrots and marinated tempeh. my favorite way to dress a salad is with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of citrus himalayan sea salt.


eeeeek!  1/2 way through.  cravings are totally shifting.  i haven’t thought about wine in several days.  see you tomorrow.


Day 14: this is soooo hard

Day 14

in this episode, i suffered through with some delicious homemade soup and bread and chocolate.  this is sooooooo hard.

breakfast:  grabbed a Lemon IsaLean Bar on the way out the door to meet a friend.

snack:  boiled egg, raw veggies and a few olives for my salty tooth (is that a thing?  i say it is.)


lunch:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake blended with IsaFruits

snack:  a couple of IsaDelights and peanut butter for my sweet tooth

what are IsaDelights?  OMG! so glad you asked….hang on til after i share dinner.

dinner: creamy vegan roasted vegetable soup, homemade whole grain bread and some berries.

FullSizeRender (16)

 so back to IsaDelights.  these are only the best chocolates EVER.  1 or 2 squares are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, reducing cravings and here’s the best part….they contain green tea extract, antioxidants, amino acids and b vitamins…so you’re actually gonna get a boost of lasting energy, unlike when you eat a candy bar with loads of sugars, artificial ingredients and waxy gunk and end up crashing hard soon after.

and here’s the even better part, you can have these on your cleanse/fasting days. WHAT?!  yep, it’s true.  not the whole box or anything, but 4 of them spaced throughout the day are perfect for seeing you through the belly rumblings.

on to day 15 and the waterpark. have a good one.

Days 12 & 13 grooves and sleep patterns

Days 12-13

the last couple of days have been quite uneventful. as a matter of fact, i feel like i’ve hit my stride, gotten in a groove and pretty much slip in and out of my days on autopilot, not giving much thought to food… just fixing my shakes, snacks and dinner and enjoying an amazing sense of wellbeing.

for years, i didn’t sleep well at all and when i get super lax about what i eat and drink, i slip back into poor sleep cycles.  this leads to caffeine dependence, low energy, brain fog and daytime fatigue which leads to impatience and moodiness and no inclination to exercise…it’s really just a viscous cycle.  so if i had to pick my most favorite part of a 30 day cleanse….i would choose the healthy, productive sleep that results.   i fell asleep about 10 last night and woke up before my 4:00 am alarm.  if you only knew how uncharacteristic this is….let’s just say, i’m neither a morning person nor a night owl.

so the last 2 days were a breeze.  i was in charge of our small 4th of july dinner on day 12 and on day 13, i was on the go, but just packed my bag with shakes and snacks and water and hit the road. didn’t give it a second thought.  you’d be surprised how quickly this can become your norm. here’s a quick recap of days 12 and 13.

day 12

breakfast: Chocolate IsaLean shake blended with greens

snack:  plain yogurt with IsaFruits, berries and hemp

lunch:  Harvest Berry Dairy Free IsaLean shake blended with frozen strawberries

snack:  lots of raw veggies and hummus

dinner (4th of july):  vegan field roast link, baked beans, saurkraut and raw veggies.


day 13

breakfast: Vanilla IsaLean shake with IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  super greens larabar

lunch:  Chocolate IsaLean Shake with Isagenix Greens

snack:  brown rice cake, hummus and raw veggies

dinner:  baked cod (with spiced up walnut/breadcrumb crust) with roasted veggies


got another busy day ahead and it’s such a load off not to have to think about what’s for breakfast or lunch.  grateful for my shakes. see ya on the flip side.

Day 11: Cheats, Wagons, Beach Days & Snacks

Day 11

so, i’m not typically a fan of words like “cheat” or phrases like “fell off the wagon” when it comes to eating.  they’re just choices. it’s all about making choices to stay on track and choose what’s best for me nutritionally……or, perhaps NOT for a meal, a day, a weekend, a vacation.

ideally, those choices  will be thought out and planned ahead. but sometimes something will come along and derail you out of the blue and you won’t make the best decision.  it’s not the end of the world.  no need to beat yourself up or throw your hands in the air and call it quits.  simply accept it as something that happened and continue moving forward.

obviously, i’m going to share a story.

so day 11 was a beach day and i thought i was prepared for the whole day.  i had my shake in the morning, i packed some good snacks, plenty of water and my favorite meal replacement bar for my beach lunch.  things were going along pretty smoothly.  after we got home, my husband suggested mexican food for dinner.  no problem, i know how to eat healthy at a mexican restaurant.  just avoid the margaritas and chips, right?  i skipped the margarita, i had some chips, but didn’t gorge myself and i chose some simple rice and grilled shrimp for dinner, managing to avoid tortillas, sauces and excess cheese.  but then, my husband did this very random thing that he never does. he told the boys they could get some fried icecream for dessert.  i made up my mind, not to dip my spoon in that icecream….i really did…until levi decided he didn’t like it and passed his plate across the table to his dad. then it happened.  it’s like all my predetermined choices went out the window and someone else took over my brain and body.  it’s not like i started just shoveling it in or anything, but i did have more than a couple of bites. i  was momentarily disappointed in myself when i regained my wits, but you know what?  it happens. i’m over it.  it’s not the end of the world, it did not undo all the good that i’ve been doing for my body and it’s certainly no reason to chuck it all in and call it a failure.

now before i finish this up, remember, the 30 day cleanse mindset is different from the longterm mindset.  for the long term, making the choice to have a few bites of fried icecream from time to time is perfectly groovy and part of a balanced life, but for our 30 reboot period, it’s not ideal.

alrighty then…day 11 in review.

breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

late snack:  gf crackers, cheese cubes, raw veggies

lunch:  Lemon IsaLean Bar (awesome alternative to a shake when it’s just not convenient to carry a shake along)

snack:  this snack did not happen and i think this is a factor as to why my resolve was low at dinner.  snacks are super important.

dinner:  rice, grilled shrimp, pico de gallo (i ordered 2 shrimp tacos and just dumped the filling onto my rice and skipped the shells)…and you already know the rest of the story. :-/

on the plus side, i did get plenty of water in.  have a happy, healthy independence day.  see you tomorrow.

Day 10: 1/3 through….cruisin’

Day 10

1/3 of the way through and i feel like a new person.  lighter, leaner, mentally clear, emotionally stable, focused, energized and i’m sleeping like a baby (one that actually sleeps through night). starting a new workout routine with a trainer from our team this week, who just so happens to be miss figure universe 2016 and 2013.  i’m guessing she knows what she’s doing.  anyway….totally feeling up for this new challenge. best part is that she incorporates my beloved shakes into her meal plan because she also knows they’re the absolute best.

day 10 was my son’s birthday and it really was super easy to stay on track.  his hot dogs, mac and cheese and birthday cake didn’t really target my temptations.

since i use IsaFruits most everyday, let me give them a little attention today.   each scoop has only 25 calories and 1 gram of sugar, contains over 30 superfruits with zero artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.  the superfruits are spray dried and cold processed to preserve the potency of their health promoting phytonutrients. 1 serving contains the antioxidants of 20 servings of fruit….just the mention of them sends free radicals running for the hills.  so you see why i always have my IsaFruits?   sometimes i’ll put them in my shake or mix them in my yogurt but sometimes i’ll just add a scoop to my water bottle with some Isagenix Greens and cruise through the day.  they’re also a super way to get some extra nutrition into your kiddos.


breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with IsaFuits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  1/2 c plain greek yogurt mixed with 1/2 scoop IsaFruits, topped with fresh berries


lunch:  Dairy Free Chocolate IsaLean Shake with 1 tbsp of powder peanut butter

snack:  raw veggies and a couple of cheese cubes

dinner:  red lentil/white bean burger with a spinach/arugula/roasted beet/gorgonzola salad.


i was a little short on my water and i can tell.  don’t forget to always drink no less than 1/2 your body weight in oz of water per day (ex. 150 lb person should shoot for a minimum of 75 oz of water).  ok…over and out….see you tomorrow.

Day 9: on the go and on track

Day 9

don’t let life sabotage you and become your excuse.

don’t let your 30 day cleanse keep you from living life and don’t let life keep you from sticking to the plan and reaching your goals.

day 9 was a busy day that ended with some play time on the boat with friends.  it started off with a shake on the fly as i ran out the door to teach a yoga class. my boy scout game was strong and i left the house fully prepared to shake it up for lunch on the road after a doctor appointment. a friday evening outing on the boat that included some spirited beverages for my boat mates didn’t throw me into a tailspin either.  i just took along  my oh so healthy, naturally and ever so slightly fermented kombucha.  it’s truly a lifesaver.

life’s gonna happen, but don’t just let it happen TO you. plan ahead and make the best choices you can within the context of whatever is going on.

my son’s birthday is today,  the 4th is on monday and my anniversary follows a dozen days later.  so remember my day 1 post when i told you there is never going to be a perfect time to get started?  there’s always going to be an excuse if you’re looking for one.  but if you’re truly ready and truly committed to making a change, it can be done and life doesn’t have to stop.

early breakfast:  quick morning shake in the shaker cup….2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean, 1 scoop of *Ionix Supreme (my favorite adaptogen drink i won’t go a day without), and a scoop of orange AMPED Hydrate (a few extra electrolytes after my 2 day deep cleanse)

*read about adaptogens here.  you’ll want to get you some for sure.

early lunch:  shake on the go.  a packet of Vanilla IsaLean Pro with some IsaFruits

early afternoon snack:  larabar

late afternoon snack:  small apple and tbsp peanutbutter

dinner:  snacky dinner on the boat.  lots of veggies, some olives, cheese, gf crackers and a couple of other delicious dips that i tried not to go overboard with, and of course my kombucha. just a side note…you have to watch for lots of added sugars in store bought kombucha.  they will all have some naturally occurring sugars which are necessary for the fermentation process, but take a peak at the label and see if they add significantly more before you buy.  they’re not all created equally.

FullSizeRender (13)

you’ll notice i had to juggle my shakes and snacks around a bit today, but that’s ok.  healthy snacking is an important part of this, so don’t skip them.

peace out everyone.  see you tomorrow.

Day 8: much ado about toxins

day 8

there has never been a generation exposed to as many toxic chemicals as we are.  i don’t care how diligent you are to avoid them, how much organic food you eat, you are toxic.  if you exist and breathe in this world, your body is carrying around a toxic burden that it was never meant to bear.  our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made….a true miracle.  they were designed to eliminate naturally occurring toxins safely. but they weren’t created to deal with dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides…just to name a few.

like i said, our bodies are a miracle so they adapt.  one of the self preservation measures our bodies put into place is to trap these unrecognizable chemicals into fat cells to keep them from running amok and wreaking complete havoc.  that doesn’t keep them from affecting us entirely though.

 if we’re storing excess toxins in our fat cells, what do you think happens if we don’t get rid of them and keep adding to them?  yep, you guessed it…those fat cells grow larger to accommodate the toxins and our jeans get smaller.  this is why so many people who eat healthy and exercise still struggle with fat loss.  and don’t be deceived thin/fit people, you are most likely accumulating this toxic fat around your organs and this is super dangerous.

the toxic burden we carry around affects so many other things that we have just accepted as the status quo…the norm for growing older.  it affects our quality of sleep, our mood, our mental clarity, our energy levels, our libido, our overall well being. and these toxins?  they cause inflammation and disease. i  know we can’t control everything, but why in the world wouldn’t we take the bull by the horns where we can and fight for this one life, this one body we’ve been given?

when we do nutritionally supported deep cleanse days and allow our cells the chance to rejuvenate, our bodies also have a chance to focus on breaking down those fat soluble toxins so they can be flushed out.  unfortunately, this isn’t once and done, because i don’t expect our exposure to toxins to be eliminated anytime in the near future. the process of nourishing and cleansing must become a lifestyle.

so…knowing what i know and having experienced my own personal mental, physical, emotional and yes, even spiritual breakthroughs with this process, i will continue to fight the good fight against these nasty boys.   day 8 is in the books and it looked pretty identical to yesterday.  very much looking forward to my shake in the morning.

i’ll leave you with this groovy article from Dr. Michael Colgan .  see you tomorrow.

Day 7: nuts and bolts of a cleanse day

day 7

as promised, today and tomorrow you get a peak into what deep cleanse days are all about.  ideally, you will include 4 of these during your 30 day cleanse, either 2 sets of 2 or 1 per week. we can chat about those options another day.  but today, i want to tell you why we do this.

our cleanse days are a form of intermittent fasting that we refer to as nutritionally supported fasting. you may or may not experience some mild detox symptoms in the beginning, but generally speaking, since it’s nutritionally supported, you will feel nourished and energized instead of deprived and run down.

i want to make it clear before we go any further….this is not a harsh, laxative (or otherwise) induced colon cleanse.  by abstaining from solid food while nourishing your body with  phytonutrient-rich botanical beverages, your body’s natural detoxification systems begin to do what they were meant to do.

frequent eating keeps our cells in a continuous growth pattern. cleanse days give our bodies a chance to rest so that our natural cleansing and rejuvenation processes can occur more efficiently.  old cellular components are broken down into basic building blocks and recycled into new components.  this process, which is responsible for cleaning up worn out parts within our cells, is known as autophagy.

cleanse days also mobilize stored energy in the form of body fat. so lots of fat burning going on during cleanse days….especially, the very dangerous visceral fat that surrounds our organs.

and lastly, cleansing supports a healthy metabolism. during cleanse days our bodies become more sensitive to the action of insulin which is essential in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

so that’s that….the why of it all. it’s why i’ve been regularly practicing cleansing for 3 years and will continue to do so until i step into the wild blue yonder.

the nutritionally supported part comes into play with these two beverages. both of which can be consumed warm as a tea, iced, as a slushy (great option for summertime) or simply as a shooter.

cfl is

these little dandies are formulated just perfectly so as not to disrupt the cleansing process, but still keep you from eating your own thumb off.  and yes….that’s chocolate. and yes….it’s crazy delicious.

PicMonkey Collage

along with the things mentioned above, you must drink lots and lots (did i say lots?) of water.  as you are breaking down and releasing toxins that are trapped in your cells, you’re going to want to flush those bad boys out of your body.

you can also enjoy green and herbal teas, black low acid coffee (which we now have…yay…it’s incredible).

yeah…so that’s that.  day 7 rocked. got a little munchy, but once you understand the why of it all and how beneficial it is, it’s pretty easy to just lean into the process.  see you tomorrow for day 8 and my 2nd cleanse day.

Day 6: is it compatible with_______?

day 6

 another common misconception with doing a 30 day cleanse is that you have to adopt a particular diet or eliminate entire food groups.  nope.  not how it works at all.  now obviously, since the goal is improved health, there are some things you’ll want to reduce or eliminate entirely, but i think those are givens…fast food, junk food, overly processed foods, foods with artificial ingredients or copious amounts of sugar, simple carbs, soda, booze… we all get this…right?  ok, good.  so outside of that, it’s up to you.  paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian,  omnivorous, flexitarian…just eat clean. i personally prefer a high plant based diet, but do also incorporate eggs, fish and some dairy. and remember…this is a time for reset, so some of the more neutral things that you may want to eliminate during this initial 30 day period can be incorporated back in moderation when you move into maintenance. we like to say, “this is a lifestyle, not a life sentence.”  let’s just say i’m already counting down the days to a glass of wine.

breakfast:  2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake, 1 scoop each Isagenix Greens and IsaFruits, blended with ice and water.

mid morning snack:  brown rice cake with  hummus and chopped olive spread, raw veggies. (did you know you can eat all the veggies you want, raw or lightly sauteed or steamed?)


lunch:  Dairy Free Chocolate IsaLean blended with ice and water

afternoon snack:  Dr. Kracker seed flatbread with cheese.

dinner:  leftover veggie quiche with melon


stay tuned for days 7 and 8, my first set of deep cleanse days.  our cleanse days are a form of intermittent fasting.  there is a ton of information out there on intermittent fasting and a variety of approaches you can take. follow along and see how we do it.  you can read a little bit about the benefits of it riiiiiiight…

Day 5: but don’t you get bored?

day 5


i know…i know…there are no stupid questions.  so you’ve been following along for 5 days now and you’ve seen the variety in my snacks and my meals and even in my shakes.  so….the answer is a resounding “nope”.  heck, i know people who eat the same bland bowl of cereal or bagel every day for breakfast or the same turkey sandwich for lunch.  this is no different…only it is. it’s better.

breakfast:  2 scoops Chocolate Isalean Shake blended with frozen berries and water.  super yummy….like chocolate covered fruit.

mid morning snack:  small organic apple and natural peanut butter

lunch:  2 scoops Vanilla  IsaLean Shake blended with 1/2 banana, frozen strawberries and water.

FullSizeRender (8)

afternoon snack:  larabar

FullSizeRender (9)

dinner:  vegetable quiche with potato crust.

yesterday was super busy, but you just have to channel your inner boy scout and “be prepared”.  i love larabars for a grab and go snack.  dinner didn’t happen until about 10:30, but since i had made it that morning, i wasn’t even tempted when my boys talked me into the rare late night milkshake and fries….i knew i had my quiche waiting.  over and out my friends.  see you tomorrow.