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30 Day Cleanse Wrap Up: a few FAQs

Days 28-30

just a few nuggets to answer some common questions/concerns before we wrap this thing up.

is this a gimmick? no, nothing tricky going on here. no magic pills, liquid potions or wraps.

quick fix? nope. see above

magic? if you consider brilliant, cutting edge nutritional science magic, then yep!

easy? it requires change…..a change in habits and a change of mindset and you have to be ready.

simple? absolutely!

do i just drink shakes? goodness no!  you’ve been paying attention, right? there’s plenty of good food to be consumed while you’re cleansing your system of harmful inflammation and toxins.

is it expensive? nope, less than the groceries you buy now. you’re replacing, not adding to.

what if i hate it? not likely…unless you’re just not ready.  send it back for a full refund. literally, no questions asked, no hassle.

do i have to do it forever? nope, but you’ll probably want to.

is it one of those pyramid things? seriously? do you think i’d fall for that?  it’s direct sales, offered at wholesale prices with free coaching if ordered through an associate who has experience and training with the program.

do i have to sell this? where on earth did you get that idea? you might accidentally start sharing what it’s done for you though which could result in extra $$ in your wallet.

can’t i just eat healthy? you can….and you should…. after you clean your engine so it works efficiently.right now it’s clogged with junk. flush that stuff out and your life will literally transform. and since we will always be dealing with toxins,  and nutrient deficient food, you’ll want to continue with daily shakes and regular cleansing.

if you have any more questions or concerns, send them my way and let’s chat about them.  so let’s just get on with it and wrap up these last 3 days.  finished strong.

day 28

breakfast:  1/2 and 1/2 Orange Cream and Vanilla IsaLean Shake with Ionix Supreme.

snack:  plain greek yogurt mixed with Orange AMPED Hydrate, Ionix Supreme and a 1/2 sliced banana

lunch:  1/2 and 1/2 Strawberry and Vanilla IsaLean Shake

snack:  crisp flatbread with hummus, olive spread, tomatoes and basil


dinner:  grilled portabella, roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower/potato mash with mushroom gravy.

day 29

breakfast: Chocolate IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits

snack:  a gorgeous green fresh detox juice

lunch:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with Isagenix Greens

snack:  vanilla greek yogurt with pepita seeds

dinner:  leftovers…same as last night…no less delicious second time around.


day 30

(day 30 was not a strict shake day due to some timing, but still a good clean wrap up)

breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits

lunch:  Panera green goddess salad w/o chicken

dinner:  fish tacos with cilantro lime cabbage, black beans and rice

friends….i cannot thank you enough for following along and checking this out.  maybe it’s for you….maybe it’s not, but now you have a clear picture of how it can work and you can make an informed choice for yourself.  i’ll post one more time this weekend and give you some final thoughts.  you guys rock.  thanks a million for hanging with me for 30 days.


Day 27: winding down

day 27

i’ve just about exhausted everything i wanted to share with you, which i guess is cool since i’ve only got a few days left.   you see how easy it flexible it is…how portable it is…how forgiving it is… so i think the only thing for you to do is give it a whirl for yourself and see if it’s the solution to whatever hurdle you haven’t quite been able to get over…whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, energy, improved athletic performance, aging a little more gracefully, or just better health….which is no small thing at all.  you seriously have nothing to lose…that’s where i finally landed after i resisted for about 6 months.  i witnessed people i trusted experiencing ridiculous improvements in the very areas i was struggling the most in spite of the fact that i was already eating super clean and working out.  of course….it’s up to you where you decide to land. but i’ll be here when you’re ready.  as a matter of fact, we have a whole team of shake drinkers just like me who have literally had their lives changed who are ready to support you, too.  we’re not going anywhere.

breakfast:   1/2 and 1/2 Chocolate and Strawberry IsaLean Shake blended with about 1/2 small banana, ice and water. can you say banana split? mmmm.

snack:  a detox smoothie with greens, lemon and ginger

lunch:  Orange Cream Shake

snack:  raw veggies, hummus and a few bites of cheddar cheese

dinner:  fried egg (from my favorite neighborhood egg lady) on a toasted sprouted grain english muffin, with avocado, tomato and green chili sauce.  omg……talk about comfort food.


i’m already 1/2 way through day 28, so i’ll fill you in tomorrow.   have a great night.

Day 26: beyond 30 days

Day 26

what happens after 30 days?

so glad you asked.

obviously you can’t go back to what you were doing before, because clearly that wasn’t working for you.  we refer to the post 30 day phase as maintenance.  maintenance is very flexible and will look different for everyone depending on your goals, lifestyle, product preferences, etc…

everyone’s post 30 day maintenance should include the following though….

*1 shake of choice per day  – this is going to fill in the nutritional gaps where your traditional diet may be lacking and help keep you at your happy weight and feeling your best.

*1-2 servings of  ionix supreme per day – remember?  this is the stuff that’s filled with those wonderful botanicals called adaptogens.  these give you natural energy and help your body cope with environmental, physical and circumstantial stress.

*regular daily cleansing and/or occasional 1-2 deep cleanse days – daily cleansing is simply taking a shot or 2 of cleanse for life each day on an empty stomach. this supplies your body with the extra nutritional support it needs to gently keep your body’s detox systems doing their thing.   regular deep cleanse (intermittent fasting) days give your body a break so it can focus on breaking down toxins, burning fat and cell rejuvenation.

*a healthy, balanced whole food diet – 2 healthy fork/knife meals and a couple of healthy snacks per day

you can also feel free to add back in (in moderation) some of the things you eliminated or drastically reduced during your 30 day cleanse.  again, this will look different for everyone.  maybe it will be an occasional small dessert.  maybe it will be a little wine or other adult beverage of choice.  perhaps a coffee shop treat a couple of times a month. the key to remember is that these should be occasional and not every single day.  perhaps you will want to leave them out forever. consider your weaknesses…what is going to derail you and cause you to slip back into unhealthy habits?  find alternatives.  i can help with that.  there are some things i would suggest your never bring back into your diet.  soda…especially diet soda (avoid artificial sweeteners at all cost).  fast food. highly processed foods. energy drinks and sports drinks with all sorts of artificial ingredients and sugars.  i think you get what i’m saying.

that’s that…. super simple.  with this approach, you will most likely do more than merely maintain. your body is functioning as intended now so don’t be surprised, if even during this flexible maintenance phase, you continue to see progress.

we have so many incredible tools that will make living a healthy, balanced life a complete no brainer, so you’ll probably do more than the minimum i mentioned above. i don’t go a day without my powdered fruits and greens or my low acid coffee.  natural energy shots and our workout line are amazing.  and i’ll admit, i still have 2 shakes a day most of the time.  it’s just too easy.

day 26 was on point for me, so here ya go.

breakfast:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake with Ionix Supreme

snack:  small organic apple and all natural peanut butter

lunch:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  plain greek yogurt with berries

dinner:  shrimp, orzo and spinach seasoned with garlic, lemon, basil and citrus himalayan sea salt. (i love one pot/skillet meals)


okie dokie…see ya tomorrow.

Days 24-25: weekend recap

days 24-25

weekends, anniversaries, life changes and emotional consumption.

this was another full weekend of finishing up a home improvement project, celebrating our anniversary, helping one child buy a car, working around the work schedule and sickness of another, processing a major life change with another, while still managing to get some beach time in with some friends.  i refuse to be that person who lives 10 minutes from the beach and allows life to keep me away from it for weeks and months at a time. i also knew that the mental clarity and calm that comes from the sand in my toes and the sound of the waves was crucial so we made it happen.

i had moments where i was totally on point with my 30 day cleanse and moments when worry and stress caused me to make some emotional choices.

saturday was great with premeditated intentions of completely enjoying my anniversary dinner, because 28 years doesn’t come easy y’all and it’s worth a little indulging and celebrating.

some emotional build up got the best of me sunday and although my day went well, my evening food/drink consumption was more directed by that and not my 30 day goals and my brain.

5 more days of this 30 day cleanse and my head is on straight to finish strong.

so…without further blather, here’s how the weekend played out.

day 24 – anniversary day

breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake blended with ice, water and berries.

snack:  gf pita chips, raw veggies, hummus and olive dip

lunch:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake

snack:  seed crackers, gouda cheese and veggies

anniversary dinner:  2 glass of cabernet, fries (this restaurant makes the best fries and sauce in place of bread), 1 fried green tomato with crab, tuna steak with quinoa and spinach. i took half of my dinner home. don’t regret a thing…it was decadent and indulgent but i know it was all fresh.


day 25

breakfast:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake with Isagenix Greens

snack:  raw veggies, hummus, olive dip and gf pita chips


lunch:  Oatmeal IsaLean Bar

snack:  leftover tuna from last night’s awesome dinner

dinner:    once again we found ourselves at our local mexican restaurant after the beach.  i ordered well for dinner, grilled shrimp and a side of beans….but i had way too many chips with queso and i had a small (that counts for something, right?) margarita.  i’m certain my lack of resolve was all connected to some emotions that are swirling right now.

there’s really only a small part of me that has regrets.   there were some moments on friday, saturday and sunday when i just have to say, “it is what it is” and know that’s where i needed to be.  i’m sharing the good, the bad, the awesome and the ugly with you because i really want you to see that a 30 day cleanse doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective and promote positive change in your body, your health and your habits. a meal, a day or weekend of questionable choices that don’t necessarily jive with the plan is no reason to quit.  it’s an opportunity to identify where our struggles lie and learn from them. life happens and sometimes we just gotta go with the flow and my flow this weekend had some queso and tequila in it.

peace for your week ahead, friends.

Day 23: flexibility is the key to everything

day 23

 “flexibility is the key to air power” is a common phrase in our air force circles.  i’ve come to believe it’s a key to success in most things.

switched things up a little bit today.  had to be out the door bright and early to drop my son at bandcamp and then go teach a yoga class.  i grabbed a bar to enjoy on the road.  after yoga, my daughter suggested we hit one of our favorite restaurants for lunch and i just couldn’t resist.  so i enjoyed my big meal at lunch with my girl and had my second shake for dinner.  either works and sometimes it’s good to switch things up a bit.  we were invited to neighbor’s for game night, some fun, junk food and cocktails.  i made sure my afternoon snack was late in the day and  had my dinner shake right before heading down the street.  i did fine avoiding the junk food for most of the night until the midnight munchies hit and i did have a very small slice of veg pizza.  some real life, life altering stuff went down in our family this week and what i needed more than being a stickler to the plan was to do my best, laugh a lot and have a drink with my husband and friends.  i carried my own with me and left it at that.  no overdoing it on any front.   one of the biggest things i hope to impress upon you by sharing my days with you is that you don’t have to have “an all or nothing” mentality to still be “all in”. 

so here was how the day played out.

breakfast: Lemon IsaLean Bar

snack: a kick butt smoothie from the health food store by our yoga studio with greens, ginger and lemon

lunch:  grilled cajun salmon topped with crunchy slaw

snack:  curry quinoa and spinach

dinner:  Orange Cream IsaLean Shake (YES!  they arrived just in time for dinner)

orange shake

and like i said….a tiny piece of veg pizza about midnight and i nursed a drink of orange AMPED Hydrate and a splash of rum through the evening.

i hope you all have a super duper weekend and i’ll check in after anniversary day.  28  years….holy cow.

Day 22: fresh is best

day 22

the late, great Julia Child said, “you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.”


i mentioned in an earlier post how i love my shakes because their dense nutrition fills in the gaps where my traditional diet may be lacking.  now that doesn’t mean that i have free reign to eat a diet of garbage and expect to see and feel great results from throwing in some shakes and doing a few deep cleanse days.  my shakes complement my diet…my diet complements my shakes…the cleanse days bring it all together. so in order for things to fit together and work synergistically to achieve maximum results, i must choose fresh, whole food ingredients whenever possible. and again…there’s a lot of flexibility there. choose the lifestyle that works for you whether it be vegan, vegetarian, pesceterian, flexitarian, gluten free, paleo, omnivorous…just keep it clean.

ready for day 22 recap?

breakfast – Vanilla IsaLean Pro Shake blended with fresh blueberries, Isagenix Greens, water and ice


snack – curry quinoa and spinach

lunch – 2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake shaken with orange AMPED Hydrate

snack – gluten free pita chips with mediterranean dip (yes i’m still eating on that.  i made way too much)

dinner – fresh summer vegetables in a cashew cream sauce over lemony risotto with roasted pine nuts on a bed of spinach. (whew…that was long)…but it was super easy and incredible.


alright my friends.  enjoy your weekend.  have fun, be safe and choose fresh.

Day 21: the players

day 21

well, i made it. 4 deep cleanse days are in the books and 9 more days until my 30 days is complete.  i seriously feel the grooviest. i figure i should give you the low down on the key players of a deep cleanse day since we’re running out of time.

so here we go…..

*the star of the show is Cleanse for Life.  there’s kind of a misconception here that this drink cleanses your body….it doesn’t, it gives your body what it needs to cleanse itself.  your body knows exactly what to do….this just equips it to do it more efficiently.

aloe vera – soothes the digestive system and increases bioavailability of other nutrients

licorice and turmeric root – supports liver and promotes detoxification

berry blend – supplies potent antioxidants

peppermint –  supports digestive system and soothes g.i. tract

plant adaptogens – help maintain homeostasis and increase body’s resistance to stress

*the next player is Ionix Supreme. this drink is a blend of natural botanicals called adaptogens that help your body deal with all types of stress:  physical stress of exercise or hard labor, environmental stress in the form of toxins and life stress from all sorts of causes. it also gives you a natural boost of energy.  all from plants. all natural. no crap.

*Isagenix Snacks are little wafers to support you during cleanse days. they contain the same pure, balanced ingredients as our shakes and are just enough to curb hunger with minimal impact on digestion during cleanse days.

*IsaDelights (i heard angels singing when i typed that).  these are the of cleanse days for sure. these little bits of chocolate heaven contain green tea extract, amino acids, antioxidants and b vitamins and like the Isagenix Snacks, they’re perfectly balanced to support you on a cleanse day without disrupting the process.

*Natural Accelerator Capsules –  these contain natural thermongenic ingredients such as cayenne, green tea and cocoa seed to help to support thermogenesis and boost metabolism so you can burn fat safely and effectively.  no whacky stimulants here folks.

and finally…..

*IsaFlush Capsules – these are simply a blend of magnesium and gentle cleansing herbs to promote a balanced digestive system and a healthy gut. they contain bentonite clay to absorb toxins and soothing peppermint to keep your belly happy

so that’s it guys.  nothing weird or harsh, no stimulants, no crap. just exactly what your body needs to get rid of the toxic burden that gets placed on it as a result of poor diet and simply existing in today’s world.

along with all those things, you need to drink lots and lots of water.  i shoot for a gallon.  you can also have herbal tea, green tea and low acid black coffee.  we also have these amazing little energy shots that are cleanse day approved.  again, all natural ingredients…nothing to make you jittery.

you can check out all the posts about cleanse days right here.   yay…i get to go have a shake now.  catch you tomorrow.

Day 20: seriously

day 20

just wrapped up my 3rd deep  cleanse day of the month and headed into my 4th. i haven’t eaten anything since about 7:00 pm monday night….it’s wednesday morning. and i feel amazing…seriously. i’m not half crazed, my mood is generally happy and positive, i have a ridiculous amount of energy which is a good thing, because i have a lot to do today.  my tummy is rumbling, but i’m not starving by any stretch of the imagination.  i’m even going to meal plan and hit the grocery store.  you know how they always tell you not to go to the grocery store when you’re hungry because you’ll buy a bunch of junk food?  well, i always seem to need to grocery shop on deep cleanse days and it actually has the opposite effect on me.  i feel so incredible and my body is so happy, that all i’m drawn to is the good stuff.  i do notice that my self control in the produce section is lacking and sometimes i over buy and we can’t eat it all before it spoils..oops.

this is not hard people.  it’s different from our norm because we’re so used to satisfying every craving, whim or hunger pang, but it’s more than doable. and once you experience the cleanse day high, it will click.  you’ll finally understand what i’ve been shouting from the rooftops these last few years.

i’ll offer a little disclaimer here though.  cleanse days aren’t always this amazing.  sometimes they are challenging.  sometimes the timing is just bad and it doesn’t work.  sometimes your body is dealing with some serious toxic overload and you don’t feel so hot as your body is releasing them.  that’s normal too. but i promise, if you embrace the lifestyle, use the tools, lean into the process and deep cleanse regularly, this is what you can expect…energy, emotional lightness, physical lightness, fatloss, an enormous sense of wellbeing, mental clarity, improved sleep.  seriously.

if you want to check out the nuts and bolts, ins and outs and why of  deep cleanse days, go back to day 7 and day 8  for a refresher.

i’ll check in after day 2 of deep cleansing and day 21 of my 30 day cleanse.  until then, i’m off to tackle wednesday cleanse day. i love it when my cleanse days fall on a wednesday. 🙂

Day 19: get AMPED! stay Hydrated

Day 19

before i recap yesterday, i want to share a little bit about AMPED Hydrate because you’ve seen me use it a few times.  when people used to ask me about AMPED Hydrate, i would say that it was sort of like gatorade, just to keep things simple.  but i stopped saying that because it’s really nothing like gatorade. it’s so much better for you and tastes waaaaay better.  AH replaces electrolytes, water and vitamins that are lost during high intensity exercise or other strenuous activities.  the glycogen complex delivers exactly what athletes need to perform at peak levels, and it’s simply an excellent, super tasty way for anyone to stay hydrated (including your kiddos) without artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.  BAM!  that’s kind of important to me. it comes in orange, grape and lemon lime and there are so many ways you can use this stuff.  of course, you can just put it in your water, but you can make healthier versions of popcicles and slushies for your kids, put a little in your shakes to keep things interesting and just wait til you see how i used it in my snack.

so…here’s day 19.

breakfast:  Chocolate IsaLean Shake blended with IsaFruits, ice and water

snack:  1/4 c cottage cheese mixed with 1/4 c plain greek yogurt (serious protein in this combo).  i sprinkled in a little orange AMPED Hydrate for flavor and sweetness (this gives me control over how much sugar is in my yogurt) and topped it with about 1/4 of an Oatmeal IsaLean Bar crumbled.   OMG! this is  a great combo!


lunch:  a simple Vanilla IsaLean Shake blended with ice and water

snack:  Dr. Kracker crispbread and sharp cheddar

dinner: just a simple fried egg sandwich on Dave’s Killer Bread (i LOOOOVE Dave’s bread)


today was a little off balance.  i got lots of protein in, but  no veggies. you’ll have days like that.  it’s ok if a single day is a little off balance, just find it within the context of a few days….and listen to your body.  mine is sort of fussing at me right now for not throwing in something green yesterday.  i don’t know why i didn’t throw a scoop of Isagenix Greens in somewhere. i guess i was sort of on autopilot.  i’m deep cleansing the next couple of days so i’ll hit the grocery store and be ready to up my green game on day 22.  until then, have a happy, healthy day.

Days 16-18: whirlwind weekend

days 16-18

the weekend was filled to the brim and i didn’t have a spare second to to post daily, so you get a three day recap this monday morning.  it was my final weekend of yoga teacher training…so…lots of yoga, as well as a home improvement project and dinner at the home of friends.  you’ll notice a couple things:  first, i wasn’t perfect.  i enjoyed a glass of wine and a little dessert at our friends’ home on day 17. it wasn’t a slip up, failure or a falling off of some arbitrary wagon.  i chose to do that,  just like i chose not to stay after paddle board yoga on day 16 and have a beer and some pickle chips. it’s all about making the choices you can live with that still allow you to reach your goals.  like i said early on, 30 days is a long time not to have something come up where you might choose to stray off plan. it’s ok…really.  just don’t do it every day.  at the end of day 18, we were neck deep in paint, drop cloths and trim and the kitchen was a disaster, so we ordered chinese.  to be honest, i wish i had just pulled out some leftovers.   you’ll also notice, that even though i wasn’t perfect, i did well.  pretty much stuck to my “go to” shake concoctions because i was just too busy to put much creative energy into that…snacks were decent and i drank all my water.  soooooo… ya go.  a peak into my crazy busy weekend.

day 16

breakfast:  2 scoops of Vanilla IsaLean shake mix, 1 scoop of Lemon Lime AMPED Hydrate and 1 scoop of Ionix Supreme.

snack:  gluten free seed crackers and pepper jack cheese

lunch:  Oatmeal Raisin IsaLean Bar

snack:  apple with peanut butter

dinner:  a bowl of leftover roasted vegetable soup from day 14

day 17

breakfast:  2 scoops of Vanilla IsaLean shake mix, IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  1/2 banana and kombucha

lunch:  Lemon IsaLean Bar

snack:  Dr. Kracker Pumpkin Seed/Cheddar Crisp Bread

dr  k

dinner:  dinner at the home of friends…..mediterranean dip for an appetizer, veggie/tofu kabobs, rice and canteloupe for dinner with a glass of white wine and a little banana pudding for dessert.

day 18

breakfast:  2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake, IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  apple/peanut butter and kombucha

lunch:   2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake, IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens

snack:  more of that yummy dip from last night with carrot chips and crackers

dinner:  vegetables and noodles from my local chinese go to place.  was kind of bummed because it usually comes loaded with veggies but it was mostly noodles.


hope you all had a great weekend and are on course for an amazing week.  be healthy, be happy and do good.