Day 19: get AMPED! stay Hydrated

Day 19

before i recap yesterday, i want to share a little bit about AMPED Hydrate because you’ve seen me use it a few times.  when people used to ask me about AMPED Hydrate, i would say that it was sort of like gatorade, just to keep things simple.  but i stopped saying that because it’s really nothing like gatorade. it’s so much better for you and tastes waaaaay better.  AH replaces electrolytes, water and vitamins that are lost during high intensity exercise or other strenuous activities.  the glycogen complex delivers exactly what athletes need to perform at peak levels, and it’s simply an excellent, super tasty way for anyone to stay hydrated (including your kiddos) without artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.  BAM!  that’s kind of important to me. it comes in orange, grape and lemon lime and there are so many ways you can use this stuff.  of course, you can just put it in your water, but you can make healthier versions of popcicles and slushies for your kids, put a little in your shakes to keep things interesting and just wait til you see how i used it in my snack.

so…here’s day 19.

breakfast:  Chocolate IsaLean Shake blended with IsaFruits, ice and water

snack:  1/4 c cottage cheese mixed with 1/4 c plain greek yogurt (serious protein in this combo).  i sprinkled in a little orange AMPED Hydrate for flavor and sweetness (this gives me control over how much sugar is in my yogurt) and topped it with about 1/4 of an Oatmeal IsaLean Bar crumbled.   OMG! this is  a great combo!


lunch:  a simple Vanilla IsaLean Shake blended with ice and water

snack:  Dr. Kracker crispbread and sharp cheddar

dinner: just a simple fried egg sandwich on Dave’s Killer Bread (i LOOOOVE Dave’s bread)


today was a little off balance.  i got lots of protein in, but  no veggies. you’ll have days like that.  it’s ok if a single day is a little off balance, just find it within the context of a few days….and listen to your body.  mine is sort of fussing at me right now for not throwing in something green yesterday.  i don’t know why i didn’t throw a scoop of Isagenix Greens in somewhere. i guess i was sort of on autopilot.  i’m deep cleansing the next couple of days so i’ll hit the grocery store and be ready to up my green game on day 22.  until then, have a happy, healthy day.


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