Day 15: coffffffeeeeee!

Day 15

hit the waterpark with a crew of awesome boys.  the water park can sometimes be a challenge because they don’t allow you to bring outside food into the park and all they have available is junk food.  but i did manage to sneak in an apple and bar that was pretty much a blob of goo by the time i got to it. i think it was about 109* on the heat index.

you’ll notice that i used coffee instead of water in my morning shake.  i knew i’d need an extra hit with 7 boys and the water park on the horizon. but this isn’t just any old coffee, it’s kind of extra special.  you see, the problem with most coffee isn’t the caffeine.  caffeine in reasonable quantities is actually very good for you.  the problem is that most coffee is grown with chemicals,  processed with chemicals, contains harmful molds and toxins and is very acidic. as i mentioned before, chemical toxins wreak havoc on your body and an acidic environment is a breeding ground for disease.  about a year ago, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth by product users and associates who were told they’d need to abstain from coffee, Isagenix did the most brilliant thing.  they formulated and released their very own, low acid coffee, from beans that were grown and processed without chemicals. it’s slow roasted and cool ground in small batches. it’s rigorously tested for molds, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.  they also gave it a little extra something to enhance the flavor and reduce acidity by infusing it with green tea extract, trace minerals and coconut oil (if you don’t know the many benefits of coconut oil, get out from under your rock and google it….then go get you some). just like our shakes…our coffee is the bomb diggety!  combine the two and it’s magical.

breakfast:  8 0z cold Isagenix Coffee blended with 2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake and a hearty dash of cinnamon, blended.

snack:  apple

lunch:  Lemon IsaLean Bar (i did snag a few fries from my kids at the water park, seriously….just a few…blech….they weren’t even good)

snack:  baked sweet potato crackers, raw veggies and hummus

dinner:  was craving something light after a day in the sun so i settled on an ultra simple dinner salad of mixed greens, boiled egg, carrots and marinated tempeh. my favorite way to dress a salad is with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of citrus himalayan sea salt.


eeeeek!  1/2 way through.  cravings are totally shifting.  i haven’t thought about wine in several days.  see you tomorrow.


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