Day 7: nuts and bolts of a cleanse day

day 7

as promised, today and tomorrow you get a peak into what deep cleanse days are all about.  ideally, you will include 4 of these during your 30 day cleanse, either 2 sets of 2 or 1 per week. we can chat about those options another day.  but today, i want to tell you why we do this.

our cleanse days are a form of intermittent fasting that we refer to as nutritionally supported fasting. you may or may not experience some mild detox symptoms in the beginning, but generally speaking, since it’s nutritionally supported, you will feel nourished and energized instead of deprived and run down.

i want to make it clear before we go any further….this is not a harsh, laxative (or otherwise) induced colon cleanse.  by abstaining from solid food while nourishing your body with  phytonutrient-rich botanical beverages, your body’s natural detoxification systems begin to do what they were meant to do.

frequent eating keeps our cells in a continuous growth pattern. cleanse days give our bodies a chance to rest so that our natural cleansing and rejuvenation processes can occur more efficiently.  old cellular components are broken down into basic building blocks and recycled into new components.  this process, which is responsible for cleaning up worn out parts within our cells, is known as autophagy.

cleanse days also mobilize stored energy in the form of body fat. so lots of fat burning going on during cleanse days….especially, the very dangerous visceral fat that surrounds our organs.

and lastly, cleansing supports a healthy metabolism. during cleanse days our bodies become more sensitive to the action of insulin which is essential in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

so that’s that….the why of it all. it’s why i’ve been regularly practicing cleansing for 3 years and will continue to do so until i step into the wild blue yonder.

the nutritionally supported part comes into play with these two beverages. both of which can be consumed warm as a tea, iced, as a slushy (great option for summertime) or simply as a shooter.

cfl is

these little dandies are formulated just perfectly so as not to disrupt the cleansing process, but still keep you from eating your own thumb off.  and yes….that’s chocolate. and yes….it’s crazy delicious.

PicMonkey Collage

along with the things mentioned above, you must drink lots and lots (did i say lots?) of water.  as you are breaking down and releasing toxins that are trapped in your cells, you’re going to want to flush those bad boys out of your body.

you can also enjoy green and herbal teas, black low acid coffee (which we now have…yay…it’s incredible).

yeah…so that’s that.  day 7 rocked. got a little munchy, but once you understand the why of it all and how beneficial it is, it’s pretty easy to just lean into the process.  see you tomorrow for day 8 and my 2nd cleanse day.


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