Day 6: is it compatible with_______?

day 6

 another common misconception with doing a 30 day cleanse is that you have to adopt a particular diet or eliminate entire food groups.  nope.  not how it works at all.  now obviously, since the goal is improved health, there are some things you’ll want to reduce or eliminate entirely, but i think those are givens…fast food, junk food, overly processed foods, foods with artificial ingredients or copious amounts of sugar, simple carbs, soda, booze… we all get this…right?  ok, good.  so outside of that, it’s up to you.  paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian,  omnivorous, flexitarian…just eat clean. i personally prefer a high plant based diet, but do also incorporate eggs, fish and some dairy. and remember…this is a time for reset, so some of the more neutral things that you may want to eliminate during this initial 30 day period can be incorporated back in moderation when you move into maintenance. we like to say, “this is a lifestyle, not a life sentence.”  let’s just say i’m already counting down the days to a glass of wine.

breakfast:  2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake, 1 scoop each Isagenix Greens and IsaFruits, blended with ice and water.

mid morning snack:  brown rice cake with  hummus and chopped olive spread, raw veggies. (did you know you can eat all the veggies you want, raw or lightly sauteed or steamed?)


lunch:  Dairy Free Chocolate IsaLean blended with ice and water

afternoon snack:  Dr. Kracker seed flatbread with cheese.

dinner:  leftover veggie quiche with melon


stay tuned for days 7 and 8, my first set of deep cleanse days.  our cleanse days are a form of intermittent fasting.  there is a ton of information out there on intermittent fasting and a variety of approaches you can take. follow along and see how we do it.  you can read a little bit about the benefits of it riiiiiiight…


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