Day 5: but don’t you get bored?

day 5


i know…i know…there are no stupid questions.  so you’ve been following along for 5 days now and you’ve seen the variety in my snacks and my meals and even in my shakes.  so….the answer is a resounding “nope”.  heck, i know people who eat the same bland bowl of cereal or bagel every day for breakfast or the same turkey sandwich for lunch.  this is no different…only it is. it’s better.

breakfast:  2 scoops Chocolate Isalean Shake blended with frozen berries and water.  super yummy….like chocolate covered fruit.

mid morning snack:  small organic apple and natural peanut butter

lunch:  2 scoops Vanilla  IsaLean Shake blended with 1/2 banana, frozen strawberries and water.

FullSizeRender (8)

afternoon snack:  larabar

FullSizeRender (9)

dinner:  vegetable quiche with potato crust.

yesterday was super busy, but you just have to channel your inner boy scout and “be prepared”.  i love larabars for a grab and go snack.  dinner didn’t happen until about 10:30, but since i had made it that morning, i wasn’t even tempted when my boys talked me into the rare late night milkshake and fries….i knew i had my quiche waiting.  over and out my friends.  see you tomorrow.


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