Day 4: why shakes?

Day 4

most excellent question.  before i started drinking my shakes (not just any old shake will do, mind you), i was obsessed with eating healthy, but it wore me freaking out trying to make sure we were getting everything we needed to get in a day.  i was always meal planning, shopping, chopping, prepping, soaking, blending, cooking…..and cleaning up.

my shakes (again, not just any old shake) took that burden right off my shoulders.  my shakes (they can be your shakes too. btw) have absolutely everything we need and nothing we don’t.  they are perfectly balanced and chock full of nutrients that i could never get,  even with all the work and research i was putting in to having a nutrient dense diet. whether it’s our traditional whey or our plant based shakes,  the protein is superior, sourced from the cream of the crop (obviously not the good ole u.s. of a.) and processed in a way that retains most all of the vital nutrients….undenatured.  my shakes (you’re beginning to see that we have a pretty tight thing going on, aren’t you) cost less than i would spend on a traditional breakfast or lunch and they leave me full and energized….and i never have a post meal crash after my shakes. bonus:  they’re delivered to my door, prep is about 60 seconds and clean up is about the same. score! i’ve enjoyed one or 2 of these a day for the past 3 years and i no longer stress about the rest of my meals.  i just choose healthy and i know that my shakes are filling in the gap where my other food may be lacking. how do i know this?  because i feel it in every cell of my body.  if you want numbers on anything, i can get you numbers. but remember? i’m not a numbers girl.   for me it’s all about how i feel….and i feel amazing when i drink my shakes.  so there you have it…that’s why.

breakfast:  Vanilla IsaLean Shake with fresh berries and Isagenix Greens blended with ice and water

FullSizeRender (5)

mid morning snack:  kombucha, 1/2 cup cottage cheese with fresh berries


lunch:  Dairy Free Vanilla Chai IsaLean Shake blended with 1/2 banana, ice and water

afternoon snack:  small stuffed portabella mushroom

dinner:  vegetarian african stew with whole grain pilaf.


stay tuned later this week as i do my first set of deep cleanse days.


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