Day 1: there will never be a perfect time

day 1

day 1 is in the books and i’m already feeling more like myself.  before i share what my day looked like, i want to address one of the biggest concerns i hear.  people will often be completely sold on the idea and need for a 30 day cleanse, but they will delay because they have an event, a party, a wedding, a holiday, a this or that….let me tell you, you will never have a solid 30 days where you won’t have an event, function or celebration.  don’t sweat it.  during this 30 days, i will have my son’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, a holiday, and who knows what else will pop up.  so we will work around those things and make informed choices, knowing that this is so much more than a 30 day diet (go ahead and remove that word from your vocabulary in that context).  we are setting ourselves up for a lifetime of our best health, and hopefully your lifetime will include lots of opportunities to celebrate.

so….onto my day 1:

breakfast:  Dairy Free Vanilla Chai IsaLean Shake blended with 8 oz of low acid coffee, ice, a tsp of coconut oil and a dash or 2 of cinnamon.


mid morning snack:  small organic apple and tbsp of all natural peanut butter

lunch:  just a simple, no frills vanilla shake.  2 scoops of IsaLean Vanilla, ice and water in a shaker cup.

afternoon snack:  Dr. Kracker crispbread, fresh tomato slices, a few black olives and a few cheese squares.

dinner:  stuffed portabella mushroom (breadcrumbs, herbs and cheese), sauteed spinach, roasted brussel sprouts and grain/lentil pilaf.


as always….had my morning low acid coffee and about 100 0z. of water throughout the day.  i shoot for a gallon a day, fell a little short, but still got plenty in.

that’s about it guys…easy and satisfying. see you tomorrow for day 2 recap.


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