i was privileged to be a part of a webinar a few months ago with a brilliant man (hardly an adequate description), Dr. Marco Ruggiero.  he mentioned that statistics are showing that people today are living longer.  he immediately challenged those statistics with his belief that people are actually “dying” longer.   it didn’t take more than a split second for me to completely get what he meant and it was profound….a great big “aha” moment. i think my jaw literally dropped.  all you have to do is look around and see that he’s right.  people may exist in their bodies on this earth longer today than in the recent past, but few are truly living.  he was looking at this from a strictly health standpoint….bodies wracked by disease, obesity and pain, and i couldn’t agree more…but there’s more.

 within days i began to see a much bigger picture and started to identify so many ways that i wasn’t truly living. it made me sad, it gave me a brief panic attack, but then it inspired me to change.


that one statement has changed the course of my life and my purpose. i don’t know when it came to me, but i started using the phrase and hashtag #LIVEuntilyoudie. whenever i worry about things i can’t control or doubt myself or get scared to try something new or want to withhold forgiveness or want to settle into some bad habits, i focus on this statement and decide if my actions and attitudes are a reflection of it. if not…i choose differently.

like the great doctor, i believe with my whole heart that taking ownership of our health is a huge piece of the puzzle to fully living.  i adopted a lifestyle of nutritional cleansing nearly 3 years ago.  while it is super flexible and part of my daily life, occasionally, i need to go back to home base.  i can pretty much count on the need for a good reset right after vacation or holidays.  i just got back from an 11 day road trip and my body is craving good nutrition and dragging a little from the toxic burden i put on it. i’ll be doing an Isagenix 30 day nutritional cleanse and just for kicks and grins, i’ll be documenting it here.

why would i do this?   because if you’re anything like i was, you’re probably put off or freaked  out about the idea. because i want to make the unknown…known. i want you to be informed. i want you to see if it’s right for you…you owe it to yourself.  i want you to see how easy it is, how flexible it is and how good it is. i want you to have your own “aha” moment and decide to take ownership of your health. i want you, to the best of your ability, to LIVE until you die.


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