divine stumbling

ok…i know. i skipped right over part 3 of the “it’s really ok….”series. i’ll get back to it eventually, but this post isn’t completely unrelated, so stick with me.

today, i’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

i didn’t really know what my days and life would look like once i no longer identified as the stay at home, homeschooling mom i had been for 2 decades and i was feeling all discombobulated.

i don’t have a college education.

the skills i had acquired as a hair stylist were ridiculously out of touch (unless you wanted a perm, a roller set or a mullet)…plus, i had let my license lapse years ago.

there was nothing in the last 20 years that i could put on a resume that would make someone exclaim, “i must hire this inexperienced, uneducated, middle aged woman.” now, hear me out. i’m not demeaning myself, my value or that season of life, but practically speaking, there was nothing resume worthy.

i fell into something a few years ago.  i actually like to call it a divine stumbling.  you can actually read about it in the 2 previous posts.  i’d link to them, but i’m a lazy blogger and i know  you guys are smart and you can find them with a couple of clicks if you’re interested.

i didn’t see it for what it was at first.

i dabbled.

then i dabbled a little more.

then it became sort of a part time thing.

now it’s evolving into a full time thing.

but here’s what’s beautiful about this…..

none of the things i mentioned above (my inexperience, age, lack of education) mattered…not one little bit.

and here’s why i’m overwhelmed with gratitude today.  because of this divine stumbling:

i get to work from home..in my workout clothes (sometimes i even workout in them), with no makeup and a messy bun (not the cute kind, even).


i get to do something i’m insanely and ridiculously passionate about and help other people in the process.

i get to contribute to my family in a new way.

the future, in regards to financial security and time freedom, is beginning to look vastly different.

i get to be the one to send my boys off to school and oversee homework.

i get to volunteer at school.

i get to plan and cook meals and pack lunches and do laundry and walk the dogs.

i’ve had time to pursue another interest that i’m passionate about.

i’m grateful.  i’m excited. i’m blessed.

i share this only to incite hope in the possibilities.  one of my team leaders often says that network marketing is the great equalizer.  it doesn’t discriminate.  it’s open to all regardless of age, experience, education, gender, location, and anyone can be successful.  you just need to find the right company, with the right business model, with a service or product you are passionate about.

this whole thing really gets my heart racing, so if you’d love to stumble upon something new and exciting and unexpected and full of possibilities, say the word.


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