Month: January 2016


so, like many people, i chose a word at the beginning of 2016 to focus on for the year.  i tried on a few for size and they were nice words and all, but they weren’t right. they weren’t mine. one that kept showing up a lot during the transition between the years, was “surrender”.  i don’t know exactly when i knew it was my word, but somehow it is…and it’s right. it’s mine.

white flag

i’m not talking about this type of surrender…the defeated cries of uncle or mercy…the giving in, the giving up, or worse, giving up hope type of surrender. that would make for a depressing post.

i’m talking about a “letting go” type of surrender.

letting go of my expectations of others.

letting go of grudges.

letting go of judgement.

letting go of hurt.

letting go of the responsibility to fix things that aren’t mine to fix.

letting go of limiting self talk and criticism.

letting go of allowing other’s thoughts or words to have power over me.

letting go of doubt.

letting go of worry.

letting go of fear.

letting go

i’m also talking about a “leaning in” type of surrender with less pushing back.

surrendering to the processes of life.

surrendering to limitations.

surrendering to emotions.

surrendering to fatigue.

surrendering to god.

this is the perfect word for me this year as i focus on my yoga practice and go through teacher training.  not a day goes by without me getting a solid elbow to the ribs telling me to surrender…to let go…the lean in. there’s no risk of me forgetting my word this year.

and surrender?  it’s not a once and done sort of thing. so i’m sure i’ll try to take things back and carry things i’m not meant to.  i’m sure i’ll push back, because that’s what i naturally do.  but for today, i surrender.  tomorrow, i’ll do it all over again.