are you “all in” or “all or nothing”?

for those of you who don’t know, i have the privilege of being a nutritional cleanse coach to an amazing group of people who have had some life changing breakthroughs and made some incredible strides towards long term health. i love it when a new person joins us, embraces the process whole heartedly, commits 100%, flawlessly executes the system and achieves all of their goals in a short period of time.  gotcha! who am i kidding?  that’s not how it works…ever. what i have noticed though, are a couple of trends.  i shared them with my team and i’ve decide to share them with a wider audience  because they can apply to nearly every area of life…academic pursuits, business building, diet and lifestyle changes, creating or breaking habits…..heck, even making thanksgiving dinner…you’ll see what i mean.

there seem to be 2 kinds of people: those who go “all in” and those who have an “all or nothing” mindset.

all in

to me, this is what it means to be “all in”:

1. you have a strong belief in what you’re about to do.

2. you understand the process, accept that it might be challenging, require major change and take some time, but you are willing to lean into it and keep moving forward no matter what because you believe it will be worth it for you and/or others.

3. you have patience and can embrace the journey, no matter how long it takes, while still keeping your sites on the goal. you understand that even though you may not be ready to or able to commit to the fast track plan, this doesn’t make you any less “all in”. you know you can still make consistent forward movement toward the goal.  it may start out as a shuffle, but it will evolve to baby steps, then walking, which will suddenly become jogging and ultimately you’ll be at a full sprint toward your goals.

4. you have grace with yourself and others on the journey with you, and acknowledge that there is room for failure and learning from those failures.  you accept that changing things up a bit may be necessary…for a day, for a season or perhaps, permanently, but you know quitting is not an option. EVER!

all nothing

and this is what an “all or nothing” mentality looks like:

  1. often, you don’t even take that first step because you can’t do 100% right off the bat.  you aren’t content starting off with baby steps in the right direction. you hope the time will come when you can take off at a full sprint, but it usually never does.

2. you see the potential and like what will come at the end of the journey. you don’t trust the process though. you question and dread it …especially the parts that take you out of your comfort zone. you fear it won’t go as planned.  you focus on this and it dooms you before you even begin. when things begin to challenge you, you decide that you were wrong to even try and that it isn’t for you after all so you quit.

3. you commit to doing things 100%….the fast track is the only option you are open to. you want results asap and will invest all your time, energy, resources into making it so. you jump in with both feet and grand goals. when life happens (as it tends to do) and things have to slow down or even stop momentarily, you see this as a failure, and quit.

4. you’re not open to plan b. if plan a isn’t working as expected, you’d rather admit defeat than tweak it a bit.

5.  you do not extend grace to yourself or accept balance.  you expect perfect execution and will throw in the towel if you fall short.

where in your life are you imposing an “all or nothing” mentality on yourself or someone else?  just kick it to the curb. whatever it is that you’ve been hemming and hawing about doing, DO IT!  whatever regrets you’re carrying about something you gave up on, TRY AGAIN! go “all in” with diligence, focus, determination, consistency and a crap ton of grace.


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