just a girl on a journey

so, this is me, beginning yet another blog.  i rolled my eyes at myself when i first thought about it, because really….how many blogs can a girl start and ditch in one lifetime and still be taken seriously?

Young female legs walking towards the sunset on a dirt road

 but this one’s going to be different, because i’m different.  i realized recently that i would walk away from previous blogs because as i evolved and grew, i would suddenly begin to feel inauthentic writing in that space.  but not this time and i’ll tell you why.   many times i would write and share from the perspective of who i was expected to be or who others thought i was or sometimes who i was striving to be (usually based on the two previous points).  heck, i didn’t even know who i was or really what i truly thought or believed about many things…i was dabbling and searching, unloading baggage and coming to grips.  finding yourself is underrated.  it can be painful because it almost always requires you to let go of things that are comfortable and familiar, but it’s oh so worth it. i highly recommend it and believe it’s never too late in life.  so now, i will write from a place of confidence. not because i’ve figured it all out and know exactly who i am, but because i’m finally at peace with my journey, and i don’t get all discombobulated by my own growth.

 i’m anything but focused, so don’t expect a nice little topical blog. i have no idea what i’ll be writing about or how frequently…i guess just as the mood strikes or the spirit moves. but here are some things you can definitely be prepared for: i hate caps (except for emphasis), i like parenthesis…and i inappropriately and overuse ellipsis. i sometimes have a potty mouth, but i’ll try to keep that to a minimum and let it loose when it really has a strong impact, kinda like mumford (admit it, you know he has great f-bomb placement). i also think i’m funny, so laugh at me, laugh with me….just laugh.

you can also expect that i might change my mind about things that i previously held a strong opinion about. letting go and accepting that has been a huge part of my growing process as well.

well, that’s about it for my intro post….i’m just a girl on a journey, who’s more than a little bit manic…mostly organic and i enjoy writing, so….i will write.


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